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Family Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour Reviews

Just returned Summer 2016! Our Israel trip experience exceeded all our expectations. The depth and breadth of our guide knowledge was outstanding. The service was impeccable. From the minute we were met upon arrival at the airport to the minute we left when we were once again met at the airport to help us with our luggage and navigate the ticket counter.
I had been concerned about going as a family of just 3, but the other people on the tour were friendly, warm and welcoming. It truly was the trip of a lifetime!

Carol F – Glastonbury, CT

Just returned Summer 2016! I cannot say enough regarding how wonderful our IDT trip to Israel was! First, it was always a pleasure to interact with the home staff at IDT – they were incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. Then from the moment we arrived in Israel until the moment we left, we all felt incredibly well taken care of. Our tour guide was especially wonderful- remarkably well informed, energetic, passionate, funny and fun. Adults and kids equally adored him. Our days were a perfect mixture of seeing both ancient and modern sites, cultural venues and surprisingly beautiful geological wonders. We loved seeing the Old City in Jerusalem, the high desert, the grottoes, the unique rock formations, and swimming in the Red, the Dead and the Mediterranean Seas. Our days were busy but never exhausting and planned to appeal to both adults and kids. We found our fellow travelers friendly and our guide encouraged us to get to know one another. By the second day, the kids were in the back of the bus hanging out together and often would all have breakfast together. When we all dined together at night, there was a spontaneously formed kids table to which they flocked. We felt that we got to know everyone by the end of the trip and it was hard to say goodbye. The Bar Mitzvah party was a wonderful end to a magnificent trip. We are recommending it to everyone we know.

Debbie W – Glen Mills, PA

Just returned Summer 2016! My wife and two sons just returned from an Israel Discovery Tours Bar Mitzvah Tour in the summer of 2016. After careful consideration we chose IDT because of the efficient routing, quality of the itinerary, hotels, timing of the tour, and online reviews. I was very confident it was the right choice for us, and even with this high expectation, we were blown away by the experience. We saw nearly the entire country and had fun experiences along the way. The highlight was the Bar Mitzvah on Masada, but there were many others as well. Everything went smoothly and we were cared for from the time we arrived until the time we left. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. IDT also handled special requests for us and were always available. Top notch all the way and we recommend other families taking the same tour. On a final note, even though my family wasn't concerned about traveling to Israel, we understand other families are. We felt extremely safe the entire time. I am one that believes that anytime is a good time to visit Israel. People should not be deterred for any reason as it is extremely safe. People who choose not to go to Israel based on erroneous safety concerns are robbing themselves of a major life experience.

Jonathan F – Potomac MD

Just returned Summer 2016! We decided to have our son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel and we quickly realized that having a Bar Mitzvah tour would be the way to go. After looking around online, we chose Israel Discovery Tours, and I must say, IDT blew us away as far as professionalism, experience, quality of staff and quality of hotels we were staying. From day one to the day we came back from Israel, IDT guided us in every possible way. The tour guide, driver and the event coordinator truly made our experience in Israel a very memorable one. It was such a great feeling being in Israel, knowing that that place is like second home for us and all Jews around the world. We highly recommend Israel as a travel destination, Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience and without any hesitation Israel Discovery Tours. Once again, my family and I are very grateful to you, your company and all Israelis for making our son’s Bar Mitzvah a truly memorable one.

Ted M – Alpharetta, GA

Just returned Summer 2016! We just returned from our trip with Israel Discovery Tours -- a Bar Mitzvah tour for my son -- and it was a truly memorable experience. It is a very full agenda and our tour guide was top notch - funny and informative, and the itinerary was interesting and worthwhile. The air conditioned bus was very comfortable, and the hotels were very nice. The Waldorf in Jerusalem was really outstanding and a super location. We felt well taken care of both before and during the trip, and it was a great bonding experience for families. Masada was a truly amazing place for a bar mitzvah and I can't say enough about it. It was stunning and moving. Israel Discovery Tours is a class act, and I sincerely recommend their bar mitzvah trip for the experience of a lifetime.

Robin G – Great Neck, NY

My wife, two sons and I have now been back in the U.S. for about a week, having returned from our 12-day Israel Discovery Tours trip. While I'm not inclined to hyperbole, this was frankly the most amazing trip we've ever taken. Certainly, it was significant for several reasons: 1) it was our first trip to Israel - ever; and 2) our son had his Bar Mitzvah at dawn on Masada. It was also a trip which encompassed the entire country, from the northern Lebanese border to Eilat in the south, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, from the Jordan River to the Sea of Galilee to the Dead See to the Red Sea. Oh, and did I mention that we both drove and flew over the Negev, visited a Kibbutz, received and ongoing lesson in political science and history (our tour guide was nothing short of brilliant and funny, besides being incredibly informative). We also saw the Knesset, Yad Vashem, and the military cemetery which was more than poignant.
Throughout the entire trip, from the moment we stepped on the plane going to Israel, to when we stepped off the plane back in the US, every event and activity functioned like clockwork. Even the rabbi as arranged by IDT made our son feel that this truly was his Bar Mitzvah, along with the other boys and girls who were there for the same purpose. No event or activity was either too long or too short.
In sum, this was the most enjoyable trip we've ever taken
Thanks ever so much to IDT for giving us such a great experience.

- Christine & Dana L – Worcester, MA

We were thrilled with our experience. From start to finish, we enjoyed everything. We stayed at luxurious hotels (including the new Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem) and our guide was smart, entertaining and informative. There were so many highlights, but the most memorable was the Bar Mitzvah service on Masada. It was a wonderful moment to share with family and new friends.
The attention to detail - from the hotels, the meals and the roomy bus (apples and water too!) made the trip carefree. It certainly surpassed our expectations

- Deborah & Jason T – Old Bethpage, NY

Our experience with the IDT Bar Mitzvah Family Tour this summer was amazing. I can't say enough positive things about the staff, the itinerary and the experiences. We stayed at wonderful hotels and ate way too much great food. But, it was really our tour guide who made the trip so memorable. He was incredibly knowledgeable and fun. I think I'll hear "yalla" in my sleep for a few weeks, but we all will cherish the experience learning the geography and history of our homeland.

- Beth & Matthew S – Richboro, PA

Our family had a fabulous time! I think from the kid’s perspective- a much better time than they thought they would. Initially they were humoring Grandma, but they really loved everything. The pace of the trip was perfect for the children. Busy, busy, busy from dawn ‘til dark and even later! We all were completely involved and incredibly active. An amazing, enriching experience. We look forward to returning for our other child’s Bat Mitzvah in 2016!

- Ruthann & Jerome F – Ventura, CA

What an amazing tour! It opened my eyes to information I was unaware of before leaving for the trip. Going on the tour has made me want to come back to Israel to study, have my own child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Masada and it also gave me friends whom I plan to stay connected with. I can’t wait to come back and learn more about our history and see even more of Israel!

- Dari W – Tampa, FL

Honestly, this tour blew my mind. I can’t even say enough good things about it. I cried my eyes out when we left. Our tour guide was OUTSTANDING! He is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met and I speak for everyone on the tour – we were so lucky to have him guide us through this journey. I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life. Nothing will ever be able to top it!

- Andrea K, Los Angeles, CA

What a wonderful trip! You should all be so proud of your tour that made every day so special and filled with memories that will last a lifetime. This grandma & grandpa wanted to give their grandchildren a taste of Israel, their heritage, the history of the country and that is just what happened. Everyone got along great together on our bus and the Bat Mitzvah went beautifully.

- Barbara & Gerald N – Wilmette, IL

We had an incredible time and everything was perfect! Our guide brought fun, laughter, knowledge and passion every day. He was able to connect with all of us, regardless of age. We all loved him. His personal experiences and incredible knowledge of the country and Jewish heritage kept everyone interested and wanting more. We couldn’t get enough!

- Meri & Ira G – Columbia, MD

We had an absolutely amazing trip to Israel this summer with Israel Discovery Tours. Our guide was wonderful- informative, interesting engaged, funny and terrific with the kids. The trip was incredibly well organized; everywhere we went we were expected and went right in. We saw an incredible amount in such a short period of time and also enjoyed the down time in Eilat. The Bar Mitzvah service was perfect – just beautiful at dawn. This was a trip of a lifetime.

- Cindy & Roy D – New York, NY

We had such a terrific experience with Israel Discovery Tours. Everything was literally perfect. Our guide was amazing. His knowledge was so vast of the history and the land. His patience and sense of humor with our group was outstanding. It was sad to say good-bye to him. Each and every one of the grandparents, parents and children became like family. In the end it was sad to see the trip come to a close. It seemed like we were destined to be on this trip with these people at this time. It truly was something that each and every one of us will cherish forever.

- Ellen & Geoffrey – Northbrook, IL

I just wanted you to know how grateful my wife and I are for your tour. We had a wonderful family time. The tour is all encompassing and everything went just right. From the excellent driver to the superb guide to the hotels and even the selection of restaurants – everything was just perfect. With Israel Discovery Tours we never had to stand in line at a museum, park entrance or even at the airport! My children truly appreciated the wealth of information and the profound story of our people and the modern State of Israel. What a great tour we had!

- Arnie & Joyce C – Pittsburgh, PA

I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for making my family’s first trip to Israel so unforgettable. It was a life changing experience. When our son started asking in first grade if we could someday take him to Israel, we knew we had to get him there for his Bar Mitzvah. We all fell in love with Israel and will never forget the things we saw, the people we met and the feelings we felt. We were guided through the history of our people in such a way that made us understand and really feel the feelings that our ancestors felt. This tour left a lifelong impression on my family that we will never forget

- Bonnie & Eric G- Richboro, PA

There are no words to capture what it meant to all of us to have this beautiful experience together as a family- a meaning far beyond anything we had anticipated. Of course the highlight was the B’nai Mitzvot ceremony at Masada. It was glorious beyond description; Hollywood could not have done it better. If ever there was a moment in our lives that I would wish to capture and never forget it was then on that historic spot on that perfect morning. There was literally not one day that we didn’t feel thoroughly and happily “filled” with an interesting, important and meaningful experience. Our guide’s passion for Israel was contagious, and his wonderful good spirit, his enthusiasm, his love for people, his vast knowledge and his non-stop positive outlook were truly inspiring and uplifting! All of the time and generous attention you gave us,  all the phone calls answering questions during the many months of planning and all the little details you so carefully remembered – all of this is priceless and beyond measure. You have a “forever” place in our hearts for giving us an experience to treasure.

- Lee & Mel B – Winnetka, IL

The most amazing experience of my life! I loved Israel and every minute of the tour. You have it down to perfection. When the tour ended, I wanted more. I can’t wait to take my family back. I just wanted to thank Israel Discovery Tours for making the experience flawless.

- Leslie & Mike S- Buffalo Grove, IL

I wanted everyone to know what a fabulous time our family had on the tour. The beauty and meaning of having the Bar Mitzvah at Masada gave us very special memories. Most importantly, our children now feel meaningful ties to the Jewish homeland and its people. On the plane ride home they all said they love Israel, they want to go back soon and they are proud of their Jewish heritage

- Doris & Joshua L – Glencoe, IL

Before another minute goes by, I must let you know what a fantastic time we had on our Israel Discovery Tours trip. The guide and driver were truly awesome. The hotels were first rate, the excursions were fun and interesting and all the activities were relevant and enjoyable. Our tour combined the perfect amount of free time around all the planned activities. The memory of our son reading the Torah at the emotionally charged Bar Mitzvah service on Masada with the sun rising will stay with us forever. Everyone was professional, responsible and you could tell they take their jobs seriously. Thank you so much for the unforgettable memories.

- Susan & Ken H – Sandy Springs, GA





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